Bringing life to pictures and capturing the emotional moments magnificently, is something the coverage team has always done perfectly. This can be evidently witnessed in their remarkable work. Pratim Sawant, Shivani Mahale, Yash Bhanushali and Shubham Patil are here to give you some insights of the hustle hidden behind the impressive shots and mesmerizing videos.

1 – What were some of your most memorable moments while working with your team?

Shubham : I really don’t know from where to begin as each and every moment spent with my team is enduring. But, shooting concerts and capturing happy faces with all the emotions in one single picture are some of the most memorable moments I have experienced while working with my team.

Shivani : There aren’t just one or two memorable moments, in fact, the entire journey was a significant one. At the end of each day, it was really amusing and entertaining while backing up our data of the entire day’s shoot. Going through all the captured pictures together, remembering the funny moments, living those, and laughing out loud all over again are some of my favorites.

Yash : I’ve been doing this for the past few years, considering that, there are just too many to list, and choosing one memory would be a tough task. But the most common thing which happened consistently was when an artist posts one of your team member’s picture. Seeing the liveliness on their faces feels very illusory. Each and every moment is unforgettable and working with my team has been pure bliss for me. 

Yash Bhanushali

2 – What is something new and unexpected you learned from your experience?

Shivani : I always keep learning something new each time because there’s not a single situation that is exactly the same as before. So adapting yourself to the change is the need of this field. This has not just helped me in the work but it has personally shaped me into a better person and I’m going to keep these lessons with me throughout my life. Also, I believe that there are so many perfect moments just waiting to be captured and cherished forever!

Pratim : Alegria has always been a platform for me to discover myself and it has helped me get acquainted with my capabilities. It also made me realize that you have to stay attentive because you learn new things every single day that you can’t afford to miss.

Yash : Throughout the journey of Alegria, I have discovered that every day does not just bring a new lesson but you also learn those lessons when you least expect them and where you least imagined them to be. One thing that’s sure is you always learn something new when you are outside of your comfort zone. I’m just glad that I grasped these lessons on time which I’m going to carry forward in my life. 

3 – What type of cameras and lenses do you shoot with? 

Shivani : We work with our own gears which are DSLRs, full-frame, or mirrorless cameras. Lenses matter on the type of camera each person has whether it is a full-frame or crop frame.

Shivani Mahale

Pratim : It all started like four years ago when I used to shoot with only crop frame cameras like 700D and kit lenses, but for the last two years, I have been using canon 5D Mark 4 with 70-200, 17-40 and 50 mm lenses.

Pratim Sawant

Yash : Throughout the journey, I used many different cameras and lenses but Canon 5D Mark 4, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 8-15mm fisheye lens is what I use the most.

Yash Bhanushali

4 – Who was the most hardworking person in your team? 

Shubham : I think the whole team was very hardworking. Because everyone works equally with their own creativity which makes the work perfect in its own way. I’m very glad that I was a part of this team as it has been an incredible experience working with all these wonderful people.

Yash :  I don’t have any particular person in my mind because as far as I know everyone worked very diligently with complete honesty. Each and every person in the team did the work assigned to them perfectly. This all together made it very easy for us to do our job properly and perseveringly. And the credit goes to the whole team for capturing all the fascinating moments.

Shivani : Haha! I believe it wasn’t just anyone but the efforts of each and every single member together is what makes us a team. We all were dedicated and gave our best in running our planned schedule smoothly. Working together, co-ordination and communication made it possible for the team to reach its peak. The most important thing which made it easy to work was everyone was too passionate about everything they were working on.

5 – What is it like taking pictures of celebrities during Alegria? Share an example. 

Shivani :  It’s always thrilling & surreal to see any celebrity around. My best experience to date was when we were escorting Varun Dhawan sir & Shraddha Kapoor ma’am to college from Mahatma school.  I was in a vehicle in front of their car and while trying to take a video I leaned out of the window and my hand was slightly missed from hitting by a truck. It was a close call which Varun sir noticed at that time and later in the office while freshening up he recognized me & asked me to be careful and not to pull any of these stunts just for a petty clip. He was so cheerful, jolly, and polite. I got to meet him personally and he gave me a hug which literally made my day!

Pratim : Capturing celebrities live has always been a whole different level of experience and as a cherry on cake, getting featured by artists gives limitless joy which keeps me going. Armaan Malik, Evelyn Sharma, and a few more artists posted the photographs I clicked on their social media. It made me feel so proud of myself and it also encouraged me to work more devotedly.

Armaan Malik at Alegria 2020

Yash :  It is always a great experience as it also adds up to my profile and the boundless joy it brings to you when an artist posts pictures clicked by you. Not just someone but an artist appreciating your work is truly a feeling which is hard for me to describe. For example, when there was a time when an artist posted a picture clicked by me, the happiness it brought was beyond everything. It also really helped in kickstarting my career.

6 – What is that one thing you’re going to miss the most?

Yash : I’m going to miss being in that friendly environment with my colleagues a lot. It felt home, spending fun moments with each one of them. Those amazing nights spent with the most incredible people are something that I will never forget. Continuously working for five days, clicking pictures of different artists along with the events, managing the team, interacting with different people is the list of things I’ll miss the most which is basically the whole process. 

Shivani : I love the fact that strangers suddenly become your family in just a few days working together irrespective of the tiresome schedule and much more! The bond of the entire committee, the excitement, and the levels of energy we all have to gear up for those 5 days is what I’ll cherish the most. The crazy vibe that only Alegria offers is something I will miss the most.

Coverage Team 2020

Shubham : I was really blessed with an amazing team. Working with them, having fun, appreciating and helping each other when needed, are the list of things I will miss the most. The whole coverage team has my heart and I will cherish this special bond forever.

7 – What is the most challenging part of your job and how do you prepare for it? 

Yash : The most challenging part is to keep clicking pictures until you capture the perfect moment even though everyone tells me that most of the pictures clicked by me are perfect. But until and unless I’m not satisfied with my clicks I tend to keep on clicking the pictures just to capture the moment which makes me happy. So being patient is challenging here and initially, it was very tough to handle it but now since I’ve many years of experience so I know being patient is not that difficult. But for the freshers I would like to suggest is to talk to your seniors or mentors so that they can be mentally prepared to face such challenges and bring the best out of them.

Shivani : Time management, keeping up with the rush, and knowing about the cues to capture the best possible moment. It’s hard to keep running from one event to another especially if there are simultaneous ongoing events. We try and divide the team accordingly but there are times when we have to manage such situations. We prepare and study the schedule beforehand at the start of the day and each member is allotted accordingly, also we keep ourselves hydrated so that we don’t run out of energy. We manage lunch breaks by taking them in groups of 2 or even when the person has free time between their allotted events. Keeping everything organized really goes a long way during challenging times.

Shivani Mahale

Shubham : Even though we plan everything beforehand, sometimes the events are carried out simultaneously which makes it a bit hard to do the work. But properly coordinating with the team, organizing everything, and keeping the gears and batteries handy makes it very easy to handle challenging situations.

8 – What is the most gratifying part of being in the coverage team?

Yash : The most gratifying part is the exposure and the experience one gets working as a part of the coverage team. Alegria has always been a helping hand in identifying my qualities and enhancing them skillfully. Being patient, co-operating with people, keeping everything organized are some of the things I have learned while being in the coverage team. And it has really assisted me to become the passionate and successful photographer that I am today.

Shivani :  Getting to analyze what you captured throughout the day, seeing perfect shots & wholesome content is something that I can’t put in words. Also being around great personalities, spending time with them, knowing how things work in event life and the amazing experience is the most gratifying part of being in the coverage team for me.

Pratim : The most gratifying part of being in the coverage team is that I got to make a basic profile and I was able to follow my passion. As we know that, experience is the best teacher and this blissful experience taught me a lot of things that I know will help me throughout my career.

9 – What are some of your best works in the journey? 

Shivani : My best works till today is definitely last year, Alegria 2020. The lineup of artists for each event was ultimate and covering Alegria each year gave me a head-start of how the events are carried out and it helped me get everything planned and manage everything properly. Having that insight really helped me in analyzing the shots, capturing the finest ones, and seizing the moments just right. And all this brought the best out of me and I’m really proud of myself for that.

Dhvani Bhanushali at Alegria 2020

Yash : Covering Alegria 2017 is what I believe is one of the best work I’ve done as it helped me in building my career. For example when I made a video of DJ Siana Catherine in Alegria 2017, so she liked the video so much that her team offered me to work with them for a couple of tours. I was on cloud nine when I got to know about that. It was one of the moments where my hard work really paid off.

Pratim : My best work in this journey was when I first took part in Alegria. At the end of the festival, I mailed photographs that I clicked during the events to Sonali Bhadauria and DJ Siana Catherine, and they offered me to work with them on a video project. When I got the offer, I was over the moon and my excitement was on top of the world.

DJ Siana Catherine at Alegria 2017

10 – If there is some advice you could pass on to the upcoming team, what would it be? 

Yash : The best advice I can give to upcoming team members is to relish the moments. Make use of every moment as an opportunity to comprehend something new and keep an open mind, you may find that you really enjoy something you never imagined would appeal to you, if it is the feeling while working in this field then you should stick to it. Be patient, enjoy a lot, interact with different people, make proper use of your skills, be honest with your work and try your best to build contacts.

Shubham : The advice I would give to the upcoming team is that communication, organization, distribution of tasks, and coordination are the keys to success that will help you to overcome challenging times. So, keep these things in mind and you are good to go.

Shubham Patil

11 – How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be? What do you think the Coverage Team should be doing differently this time?

Shivani : Since it is going to be an online event this year I expect more participation and support from each student of our college to share and promote it and make Alegria 2021 the most remarkable and splendid one yet. The coverage team won’t have any crowd problems this year, so they’re set for it already I guess! Also, as they don’t have any crowd problems this year they can work more efficiently and give their best in capturing stunning moments without any worries.

Shubham : For a matter of fact, I know that Alegria will be as charming as always and will undoubtedly be a notch higher than the previous year. Also, this time the coverage team doesn’t have to worry about crowd control as the events will be held online. This will make their work more efficient and easier to manage. But, at the same time the team will have to be careful as the events will be live on media.

Yash : I would like Alegria 2021 to be as astounding as it is since it’s beginning just like the joy it brings to the students. As Alegria 2021 is going to be an online event so I don’t have enough briefing as of now so I can not comment on it. But one thing which I would like to recommend is to focus more on the communication and other useful things required by the people working behind the scenes to make such an event possible during these unprecedented times. And as a matter of fact, I know that the teams are working hard, putting effort and collaborating efficiently will help them go long way.


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