One person to hype up the entire crowd, now that requires some talent. Hosting events in Alegria is a marvelous opportunity and being able to share the experience is an exuberant feeling.

Our anchoring team, Vikas Choubey, Nayonika Kulkarni and Muskan Kazi sure have had an amazing time hosting events and leaving the crowd wanting more in Alegria 2020. Let us hear from them, their side of Alegria journey!

1.How did it feel to hold a mic in front of thousands of people?

Nayonika : I felt super confident, my conscience kept on whispering that I have to give my best and then there was no looking back. Here the quantum of a crowd doesn’t matter, what matters is how I present myself. Being on stage means all the eyes were going to be on me, I had to do whatever it takes to entertain the crowd.

Muskan :  Well firstly, I felt that my nervous system was going to explode. I still remember my heart was beating so fast during the very first event, face of Alegria. But as it is said, ”Confidence is what we get when we take fear, face it and replace it.”

2. What kind of tactics did you use to capture the attention of the audience for interacting freely with them during events?

Vikas :  Personally I had 2 tactics in mind and the motto was to keep the crowd engaged. The best way to do that is to give them a beat to groove on and as I am a beatboxer, I gave them some addicting beats! Second is trending memes, as we know memes are everywhere, so most of the time I used trending memes to grab the crowd’s attention.

Nayonika : The most imperative tactic is to hold on to the crowd by delivering a performance which is unique and doesn’t make them think that someone else would’ve done it better than me. A bit of humor and constant interaction with the crowd, along with some entertaining acts, is all I needed to have the attention of each and every person in the audience.

Muskan : I always started with the unexpected. Started with a bang, not a whimper like, “Hello Pillai’s, oops Hello Alegrians!”. I used to crack jokes with my anchoring partner to create hype, I frequently said, “Hello handsome hunks and gorgeous girls! Make some noise!”. A lot of times, we called people from the crowd on stage for Shayari, singing and dancing to maintain the energetic atmosphere and to showcase their talent on such a phenomenal platform.

Muskan Kazi

3. What was your best experience while anchoring?

Nayonika : The fact that the audience was applauding all my tactics motivated me a lot. The pre-event preparation felt euphoric. The best part was interacting with celebrities, as it is a very unique opportunity to converse with well known artists.

Muskan : Well no words could express my heartfelt gratitude while anchoring, I was the host for the event ‘The Face of Alegria’, our phenomenal guest, Ms. Adah Sharma complimented me saying, “one of the best as well as beautiful anchors we have here”, that appraisement was the best part of my anchoring experience.

4. What kind of preparation did you do before coming over to the main stage?

Vikas :  Honestly speaking, I never prepared myself before coming over to the stage. But I make sure I smell good and look good. For anchoring, I did everything spontaneously and people used to love it. Natural conversation with the crowd is something I prefer.

Muskan : I made sure to go through the dialogues and script that were prepared previously. Also, I focused on making adaptive changes to our audience’s mood. I always had several tactics prepared to create hype before the arrival of our beloved guest. And the most important thing was checking if I was looking good to go on the main stage.

5 . How did you feel while standing in front of celebrities that stepped on Algeria’s stage?

Nayonika : It was a thrilling experience. Everything felt surreal, meeting celebrities in real life is something that I will always miss about Alegria. Interacting with them gave a feeling of satisfaction, as our hard work paid off.

Muskan : Well, it was quite an overwhelming situation for me as if 1000 butterflies were flying in my belly. It was such an ecstatic feeling as far as I can say, I felt blessed to have the chance to share the stage with the best.

Vikas : It felt very good. I hosted a lot of events with national and international artists. Every artist was humble and very sweet. Standing beside them and sharing the stage was incredible. It is not everyday that we get a chance to entertain those who entertain the whole country and if I’m being honest, that feeling was like no other.

Vikas with his beatboxing set

6. Did you ever face a situation where you were out of words while standing in front of the crowd?

Vikas : Frankly speaking, I was lucky enough that I never faced such a situation. A person who has a mic in his hand has all the attention when he is on the stage. Therefore, I had all types of comebacks for every question that was thrown towards me.

Nayonioka :  Every anchor even the professional ones at times face this situation, but one needs to inculcate the art of converting that challenge into an opportunity in such a way that it appears as a script

Muskan : No, I was lucky enough to have a communicative partner, even if I had no words, my partner would step up and cover for me. It was all because of our team work that we could make it a success whenever we stepped on the stage. So facing a situation when there were no words was not a big problem.

7. How did you manage to handle pressure from the backstage crew and face the crowd at the same time?

Vikas : Without pressure, no event can be successful. Fortunately, we had the best team of Alegrians who handled everything very calmly and professionally. But if something did come up without any prior notice we have to make sure that nothing gets affected. Having a proper conversation with the crowd is what I used to do when any problem arrived.

Nayonika :  First of all calming myself before interacting with the crowd is very important. Once your confidence is high and you have deep-dived into the script, fusing the backstage crew and crowd in a flawless experience which will definitely makes you stand out.

Muskan : Our crew members were quite supportive and they never created a fuss, they were very appropriate and things used to work smoothly in most situations. Although, even if something were to happen, the team members were always there to handle the situation.

8. You might’ve hosted a lot of events in this magical festival. Which one is your favorite and why?

Vikas : Honestly. Every show I’ve hosted is my favorite. But the best show I hosted was Comedy Night with Zakir Khan in Alegria 2019 and Comedy Night with Kenny Sebastian. The energy of the crowd and the celebrities were almost equal.

Muskan :  I would say that whenever the crowd cheered me on and supported me, it felt reassuring. So, each event that I hosted became a favorite and pushed me to give my best. It not only made me feel appreciated but also gave me assurance that I did my job perfectly.

Nayonika : Every event and every situation has taught me a lot of things and has given me knowledge and experience that I will never forget. The whole festival was magical in its own way so choosing one is difficult.

Nayonika with Rahul Shetty

9.  How did you improvise in a situation when suddenly there was a change in plan? 

Vikas : Patience is the key to everything when you’re holding a mic. When we get a call for a sudden change in plans we take it as a challenge. I used to build a rapport with the crowd which helped me throughout all the events.

Muskan : Without panicking and being confident, I used to prepare myself to enhance accordingly. By analyzing the situation, I used to prepare a script in my mind and used to work on it. Making adaptive changes to myself while having to look at the crowd, always keeping an optimistic attitude and positive behavior towards my crew members.

10 . What is the one thing you’ll definitely miss about Alegria 2020?

Vikas : I will definitely miss everything, and all the teams that worked so hard for the festival. Everyone used to work day and night to make this event possible. Sukhi is someone who is very close to me so I’ll definitely miss him too.

Nayonika : The scale and which the vent is executed and the unconditional support of the management to make the event one of its kind.

11. What will you take ahead in life from your journey as an anchor?

Vikas : Well, the first is believing in myself and being more confident than I was ever before. The most important quality that I will take ahead in life is improvising in difficult situations. It isn’t just the qualities that I will take with me but also the golden memories that I made while working during this festival!

Nayonika : Being on stage gave me a rush of adrenaline. Anchoring not only helped me to speak whatever was in my heart but also helped me realize the leader I have in me. A leader does not speak, he communicates, hence I have enhanced my ability to lead in life.

Muskan : The anchoring experience gave me confidence to speak up even when thousands of people are staring at you. It also taught me several ways in which I can overcome my stage fear. Along with this, I also acquired the skill to stand firm and make the audience engaged in all activities. Being spontaneous while anchoring is a must, so keeping that in mind I also learnt how to adapt myself according to the mood of the crowd.

12. What are your expectations from Alegria 2021?

Vikas :  I just hope I get to see the same level of happiness and joy in Alegria 2021. The hype is bigger each year, but this year keeping the pandemic in mind I hope that everything is done keeping safety measures in mind. Despite all of that, the excitement and entertainment will be there. Also, I hope I’ll get to host any one of the events after all people won’t forget the name “ Samose”!

Nayonika :  With pandemic being a show stopper for the world, its time to recreate the creativity, experience, and charm in a virtual form which would need immense thoughtfulness and brainstorming to make it a success.

Muskan : Alegria always marks a higher benchmark from the previous years, so it will be definitely better even this time. However, considering the current situation, I expect that everyone will make a point to adhere to the required safety measures and be a good example for everyone who becomes a part of Alegria.

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