Alegria- The Festival of Joy, is known to be one of the most happening college festivals, all thanks to this team. Sumedh Nerlekar has so much wisdom to impart upon us from his experience, being the prime mover behind E-Publicity. From working as a team to exceeding expectations, they had a fun-filled journey during Alegria 2020.

  1. How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Sumedh: I have always had a thing for Alegria, which helped me drive the rest of my college months in thin air. Just attending this mega festival was a delight in my first year. Working for the same was my proudest and happiest moment during the entire college experience. As for Alegria 2020, handling the ropes of this giant fest with my friends was a great experience that I will cherish forever.

2. What were the best moments while working with the team?

Sumedh: The all-nighters during the last week of preparation! Those were workdays packed with fun that are now reminiscing. I was someone who used to leave campus at 2 PM in my first year as a part of the team, and now I was pulling all-nighters! It is the feeling of ‘आपलेपण‘ that creates these memories. That’s when you realize you have created an everlasting bond with Alegria and your team.

E-Publicity and Content Team 2019

3. What were the biggest challenges you faced during Alegria 2020?

Sumedh: Rendering! My team would jump on this if I’d say this wasn’t the most significant challenge we faced during our preparations. It would take over 8-9 hours of daytime just for working on a piece of content, which were to change later if modifications were to be made. Also, for on-field challenges, I’d say covering events happening simultaneously but on different venues of the campus was also a challenging task.

4. What downfalls did you guys face in the entire journey?

Sumedh: Downfalls are rarely a part of the experience when you have planned the entire preparation and event days ahead of time. Persistently following the schedule and ticking everything off the list throughout this journey helped us avoid mistakes! I’m immensely grateful to each and every team member for working efficiently and giving their best even in difficult times.

Picture Courtesy: Jaydeep Shinde
  1. How did you handle the pressure from deadlines?

Sumedh: Having people with great communication skills goes a long way. Relying on your team and arranging the plans ahead of time saves a lot of pressure on you. Still, during the celebrity and event announcements, getting all the necessary content to post at the right time, was challenging. Also, dedication and enthusiasm were more than enough to complete the tasks in time. But, by organizing the work and distributing the tasks, we pulled it off.

  1. What do you think will be the challenges faced by your team in this virtual experience?

Sumedh: Initially, my opinion was, “Yes! This is going to be manageable this year from a social media management perspective for my team and me.” But as you go deeper into the nooks and crannies of implementation and coming up with new ideas, it is a challenge that we face, but of a different type this year. And I know for sure that we will tackle every challenge coming our way gracefully.

E-Publicity Team with Franav Sir
  1. How did you come up with the new ideas to increase reach on Social Media Pages?

Sumedh: Well, it’s about human psychology, and also, I did my fair bit of research on how and what the people of the Internet want as content on their devices and how easy will it be to reach the people and implement it on a large scale. Focusing efforts on the right places like high quality, posting engaging content, and not worrying about quantity helps in getting social media reach. Taking all the factors into consideration and taking help from our SEO, it was clear what people want and when.

  1. Who was the most hardworking person in your team?

Sumedh: Everyone! You can never label someone with the tag ‘He/She’ was the most hardworking person in the team during the preparations. Alegria itself sets an example for everyone to learn the importance of teamwork. The amount of dedication from my team was outstanding, and comparing that with the love we have for Alegria isn’t fair!

Sumedh with DJ Shaan
  1. How was it working under the guidance of Franav Sir?

Sumedh: Just like a smooth working wheel! Working under Franav Sir and being part of such a wonderful team of Alegria was a privilege for me. There wasn’t a single problem that we took to sir, and it wasn’t solved right away. He always pushed us to put in our best efforts. His sheer dedication, exceptional management skills, and love for creating a wonderful community inspired me a lot.

  1. How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Sumedh: Alegria has transformed uniquely every year. Continuing with the next season of Alegria, I can guarantee it’ll be phenomenal and marvelous than before. Be it virtual or physical, Alegria won’t ever fail to amaze us. We have no boundaries as Alegria is virtual this time, there’ll be more engagement and more people visiting this wonderful ‘Festival of Joy.’


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