The creatives behind Alegria bring joy to it, making it Alegria – The festival of joy. 

We welcome back the talented and persevering Creatives Committee who build the framework and fabric for Alegria. This year the committee features Tarun Shetty and Sagar Dedhia from PCE, Disha Thakur from PCACS, Kartik Acharya from PIMSR, and Sanyukta Patil from PICA, sharing with us their insights into what it is like working behind the scenes for this glorious festival.

1) How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Disha: For me, Alegria 2020 was a super fun roller coaster ride. I got to learn so much. I learned more about the details of the creation, management, and execution of an idea. And during this, I met some of the most wonderful and talented humans ever. Every day had a new challenge and new things to learn about the people around and that has been an experience of a lifetime for me.

Tarun: Working for Alegria is a once in a lifetime experience, the bond we share with all the members, heads, OC members, faculties couldn’t be replicated by any means, and being the head of the creative team has its own perks, you learn to make hardcore decisions, manage your team, the budget. It is quite tough, but interesting enough to make you work more.

Karthik: First of all it was really amazing to be a part of Alegria it involved a lot of challenging tasks. I learned, planning multiple events simultaneously, setting key milestones, and prioritizing my time based on deadlines is essential. I pride myself on my time management skills. 

Karthik Acharya

2.What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the theme?

Sagar: As it was us who suggested the theme, we were very clear on our ideas of what we have to do. I personally liked the idea of creating something majestic. But having ideas of something and creating what you thought off was a real task and that’s what I was worried about a little.  

Disha: This Algeria was very special and close to my heart as our themes got selected, which was initially Universal Dreamland and Mystical World, which gave us Dreamland. The theme was an actual representation of the festival of joy and that is what it felt like when it first came to our minds.

Karthik: “DREAMLAND” itself means imagination and an unrealistically ideal world, so why not let all creative heads, as well as their members, give a chance to get them all imagination and put in some real fun as they get a chance to explore.

3. Some of the best experiences that you had during your whole journey

Sagar: Working with Sadashiv Kaka and his creative ideas was one of the best things I did in my whole 2 years of Alegria.

For Alegria 2020, we painted the campus road with the help of some painters and that was altogether a different experience for me. We were thrilled about it even though there were deadlines for completing the task. We painted the whole pathway in one night with our hands and got a chance to enjoy this whole new process. Presenting ideas to sir was also a huge task, we knew about our ideas but we were quite nervous to explain them, but when we presented to sir, it was approved in one go. The best thing I saw while working with the team was when the days were near and everyone was worried because of the approaching deadline. In those times, I have seen my team and heads motivate each other and work together hand in hand.

There was one fanboy moment on the stage when we were asked to dance with Adah Sharma, where I did some moves on the stage and my team hyped me up as I did the signature move of SRK, opening both of my arms.

Sagar Dedhia with Adah Sharma

Tarun: Every day was an experience in itself, you face a lot of challenges like interacting with the members of different colleges, interacting with different heads, and so on. Being in creatives and devoting so much time and energy for the festival I will be short on words to express such beautifully spent time. To be honest for me Pillai College was like a second home to me, the cold nights we used to work as a team taking care helping each other every bit of this memory is still fresh in my mind to be cherished.

4. How did you come up with new creative ideas every day?

Karthik: Ideas often originate from dialogues in which an individual hears about a challenge and recognizes a new path for solving it. The more openly and fearlessly you think about your thoughts and ideas, you should also have faith to do it stimulating new solutions.

Tarun: It was a very challenging task at first but when you have a team of almost 100 members and everyone is being creative in his own way, so coming up with ideas wasn’t that hard but to select a few ideas that we would be able to replicate was the most difficult part.

Disha: Coming up with new ideas was easier as we had a good understanding of our theme and everything just started falling into place as we started working on the installations. And to be honest the team played a major role in coming up with exclusive and more creative ideas.

5. What is the feeling when the idea that is in your mind finally gets ready into an actual artwork?

Karthik: Felt awesome! I had been challenged by many things and it always comes with a question “what to do now” . So It was the best feeling ever when you actually put your all hard-work and that gets ready into artwork.

Tarun: It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, the feeling is really unmatched you see all of your hard work in front of you.

Tarun Shetty

Sagar: As SRK said in his movie ADHM, ” It’s the most beautiful thing in the world”.

6. Has it ever happened that you thought of something else and you build something else?

Tarun: Working to build an artwork is always like a trial and error method. You try and try till you make some art out of the things.

Disha: Oh yes, my LIFE. Hahaha just kidding. I think it’s part of the process, sometimes something works out, sometimes it doesn’t but every artwork at the end turns out to be unique in its own way, irrespective of what it was initially thought to be.

7. How did you feel when students took pictures and appreciated your artwork?

Sagar: Frankly speaking, I love moments when somebody even clicks photos with the artwork and installation. I actually walk around the campus during fest in the evening  when people are having their time with artwork, clicking pictures, wondering how it is made, I love to see them doing that, I feel that what success feels like (happy and cherishing)

Krthik: Felt really good.

Disha: It is overwhelming. Before the gates open on the first day we do feel nervous and question ourselves whether the people would like our installations or not? Is it looking pretty? Can you spot out the flaws in the artwork or does it need more touch-ups? But everything came down to ‘We made it and they LOVED it’.

Disha Thakur

8. Who was the most hardworking artist on your team?

Karthik: As a leader they all were hardworking in the team, but to give a name its Juee and Akshay.

Disha- I can’t pick one. Every artist working in our team was hardworking and had their own special talent. Being the creative head does come with certain responsibilities but in the end, it is just a tag. For me, all the members were the heads of their respective art styles.

Sagar: All the members of our team were hardworking and effort takers. They tried, they failed, they learned, they groomed and the final outcome … you know it was. But there is one member of our team who worked really hard was Avinash sir. I have never seen a man doing that kind of work and still be active at the end of the day. Salute

9. Some of the best artworks in your journey?

Disha: Alegria 2020’s installations had to be the most colorful and dreamy. Some of my personal favorites and unreal installations were the Perspective for the Meter room which was mainly painted by Juee Patil and Sweta Bhattacharya. The ‘It was all a dream’ installation by Group 6. The whole reception pathway was my favorite among all. Kudos to all the members for putting their best foot forward.

Sagar: About Alegria 2020, every artwork has its unique definition and memories attached to it. I really can’t say which was best but yes making that pumpkin and transferring it to the allocated place was a lot of fun.

Karthik: The pumpkin which was installed in Major’s section.

10. Who’s your favorite artist of any type?

Karthik: Kumarjit Saha

Sagar: I can’t judge one man’s creativity to others. Creative team was too creative to create anything. 

Sagar Dedhia

11. How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Sagar: I think Alegria 2021 will light up each and every night which was off because of this pandemic. 

Tarun: You can’t expect something specifically from Alegria because it will always exceed your expectations

Disha: I am definitely expecting Alegria 2021 to be grander, joyful, and virtually stunning. Also, this year’s theme sounds super exciting. Can’t wait for it!

Karthik: As Alegria has always been a festival of joy I want it to be more joyful, more fun, and more creative as it becomes a part of my best memories. So wishing you guys the best of luck for 2021. And lots of love.

Creativity Team

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