Next in line, sharing their experience with us are Yash Borade from PCE and Nikhil Phadtare from PCACS, pillars of the Sports Committee 2020, who were the building blocks of all the sporty events that took place in Alegria 2020. From Football to Chess, from Tug of War to Carrom, be it outdoor games or indoor games, they showed how smoothly they executed all the events!

Let us hear them share their side of the story of Alegria 2020.

1) How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Yash: It was indeed an outstanding experience to work for one of the biggest college festivals. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of faculties and such a big team. Those 3 months were surely the best moments I lived in my entire college life. The memories that I made is something that I would cherish throughout my life.

Nikhil: It all started in the year 2018 when I took admission in PCACS, and frankly speaking, I was motivated to so because I always wanted to be a part of Alegria. My journey started as a volunteer and eventually, my hard work was rewarded. Working for Alegria will always be a dream come true and I would love to live this dream for many more years to come. Alegria has given me some of the priceless moments of my life that I will cherish for a lifetime.

2) How was your experience working under the guidance of Franav Sir?

Nikhil: Franav sir was always supportive and proactive as he always gave us a chance to do something different and always encouraged us to bring something new.

Yash: For me, one of the most important things about working for Alegria is that it gives you a chance to work under the guidance of Franav sir. He used to always support new ideas, gave suggestions, which helped us to not only be comfortable but to be more confident with our ideas as well. His guidance was of utmost importance, along with the help of other faculties, he motivated us to fully utilize our potential and give outstanding results.

Yash Borade

3) Since there are multiple things going on at the same time, how did you manage to handle pressure and deadlines?

Yash: The schedule was quite hectic sometimes. I still remember how there used to be various meetings piled up for the entire day. Even in the midst of this, I found myself putting in more effort. But all those intense moments were fruitful at the end of the day, because we had put in our best efforts. Appreciation from the faculties and Franav sir gave us the boost that we needed in order to go ahead and manage the deadlines.

Nikhil: For me, work pressure and deadlines are some terms which we create ourselves, while in reality they can be avoided. Handling work pressure and deadlines were never a challenging task, thanks to my team, faculty, and each and every person working for Alegria.

4) Some best moments in your journey?

Nikhil: For me, the best memory of this journey is staying together for more than 3 months and sharing each and every high as well as low throughout the festival. Bidding goodbye was one of the most difficult and emotional moments I have experienced so far in Alegria. Every year Alegria gives tons of moments to cherish until next time.

Yash: The best moments were always the moments when we could see the event we had been working so hard for, take place so smoothly. One of my favourite moment was getting an award from Mr. Rushabh Choksi, Padmakshan Sir, and sports faculty for outstanding sports achievements.

Nikhil Phadtare

5) What backup plans did you come up with when any plan failed? Can you share your experience?

Nikhil: When we used to make plans for any upcoming event, I used to prepare multiple backups in case something went wrong, but luckily that never happened. Always being prepared for everything and having a dynamic approach in every situation helps a lot.

Yash: When any of our plans faced difficulties, one thing which always helped was discussing with the whole team, analyzing the difficulties and taking all of their inputs, and then working out the problem as a whole unit.

6) What new things you’ve learned in your whole journey?

Nikhil: Few things that I learned from the whole experience were skills like taking tough decisions, managing people, and also working with the faculty and juniors.

Yash: I have learned a lot of things from Alegria, one of them is to never give up no matter how big the problem is, because you will definitely find a solution in the end. Another skill that I learned was managing big teams and crowds.

7) How did you feel when the whole Alegria 2020 that you’ve organised came to an end?

Nikhil: Although we were glad that all the events were successfully conducted and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them, parting ways with our team was an emotional experience as we had developed a lasting bond over the months.

Yash: Bidding goodbye was one of the hardest parts. All of us came from different backgrounds and worked together as a team towards a specific goal. The entire team was one big family and after the event came to an end, returning back to the normal routine was not easy because we had so many memories to cherish.

8) What do you think will be the response for eSports this year?

Nikhil: I think it will be very good, as it’s an upcoming field with a promising future, and the era of games like PUBGM has started a revolution in eSports in India.

Yash: I think the response will be greater than ever. With so many innovative ideas, eSports events would be a go-to event for sure. Participating in eSports at the comfort of your home will be really a fun experience. It would be amazing to see different sport activities in the virtual format.

Yash Borade

9) What things will be different for your team as for Alegria 2021 will be virtual?

Nikhil: As Alegria 2021 is going to be virtual, they will have many new experiences. Some difficulties may arise but the teams will be always ready to face any challenges head-on.

Yash: As a team, we had plenty of time to cultivate our bonding with everyone. Management and organization will be quite different as the events will be held virtually. Despite of that, I think the same level of enthusiasm will be maintained throughout the festival.

10) Something you would like to pass on to the upcoming team?

Nikhil: I would like to wish everyone best of luck as this time Alegria would be virtual. Many events will be conducted for the first time virtually and thus all organizing committee members would have to be one step ahead.

Yash: Always work in a team and enjoy the process. Express yourself, be sincere to the work and give your best and maintain the legacy of Alegria.

11) How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Nikhil: Although this year Alegria is going to be virtual, I expect that everyone will enjoy this festival of joy like they have enjoyed it in the past years.

Yash: We know that every year, creative young minds come up with new ideas. With every new year of Alegria, everyone’s expectations do increase as it is rightly said that Alegria is not just a name, it is a feeling and an emotion. Alegria would grow significantly in 2021, as many new events will be added. I believe the junior members are even more talented to take Alegria to the next level. So all of us expect Alegria 2021 to be filled with lots of surprises and excitement!

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