The Logistics Committee converts chaos into structure, achieving a feat like this effortlessly. There is a smooth sailing of the multiple events held at Alegria because of the committee’s expertise. There is so much to be learned from the experiences of Sanal Sudhakaran from PCE, Hardik Agarwal from PCACS and Sushil Bhalerao from PIMSR, forming the Logistics Committee, working hard in making Alegria the well-organized festival it always is, sharing with us their Alegria Experience 2020.

1. How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Hardik : Being a part of the Alegria committee has always been an amazing experience. It always makes me learn new things, all the teams working together set a great example of teamwork. We come from a different background and we work towards the same goal with dedication and give our best for the fest. Overall, the experience has been mesmerizing.

Sanal :  Alegria was like a rollercoaster ride, the whole journey was full of ups and downs. At times it was challenging and stressful, but tackling that kind of challenge made the whole journey more fun. Overall, it was an enriching experience as it taught me immensely valuable lessons of life.

2. How was your experience working along with your mentor, Avinash Sir?

Sushil : – He was very supportive and he guided us well. I’m happy that I got the opportunity to work with Avinash sir. Working with him was always an exciting thing for me as I got to learn a lot of new things from him almost every day. What I felt while working with sir is that he has a very friendly nature and whenever we were in the dark, he became the guiding light!

Hardik : – Avinash sir was the backbone of our team. He was a great mentor and he has always been very cooperative and helpful. Without his guidance, it would have been a bit difficult to deal with challenging situations. All the team members had a different way of working which sometimes caused a clash in ideas too. Avinash sir took care of such situations and paved the path for us and that’s what kept us going. 

Sushil Bhalerao

3. Being in Logistics, how hard was it to keep track of multiple records at the same time?

Sanal : – The whole team worked hard for it. They were very careful and organized about the bills. In the end, Vaibhav used to put all the records on Google sheets, which used to help a lot in keeping a proper track. We were glad to have people with really good management skills which helped us do the work with no errors.

Hardik : -It was tedious to keep a track of all the records, but the teamwork made it easier. We had members who were good with calculations and numbers which made our job much simpler to keep a track of multiple records. A good interpersonal skill was a must because even a small miscommunication could lead to a major error in the records which fortunately didn’t happen. 

Sushil : – Frankly speaking, it was my first year but the support and teamwork helped me a lot in managing everything very smoothly, also Avinash sir helped us a lot in sorting everything out. Being organized and having managerial skills helped me a lot in keeping track of multiple records at the same time.

4. Who was the most Hardworking and Fun person in your team?

Sushil : -Every moment with the team was special. The work given to us was equally distributed among all the team members so there was no load on a single person. We as a whole team were hardworking and made every task easier. I will miss the fun moments shared with the team.

Hardik : The team members on board had a unique personality. During work, everyone was truly determined to give their best, but also during the breaks we shared some amusing moments. Every member of the team had done a very good job from their side. Alegria, not only develops one as an individual but also helps you understand the importance of teamwork. So, the credit goes to the whole team but not a single person.

Sanal Sudhakaran

5. What were some of your best moments while working?

Sushil : – As a part of the logistics team, we traveled a lot, which was fun. Even when we were working tirelessly, we enjoyed every small bit of it, had fun conversations, laughed out loud on jokes while working together. Every moment spent during Alegria was so special that it is very tough for me to choose one as the best moment from those.

Sanal : – If I start listing the best moments, the list might never end. From traveling different places to bargaining with the shop owners, from resolute working to being mesmerized by the main stage Alegria, from working together as professionals to never realizing that we were making a bond that will last forever, each moment was exceptional.

6. How did you handle the work pressure and deadlines?

Hardik : – My team members helped me get work done before deadlines. We had hardworking team members who made task completion easy. It was a bit tough to handle studies and work together in the beginning, but with the course of time, I developed time management skills that helped me in completing work and also the enthusiasm kept it going.

Sanal : – The collective effort of the team made my work easier. Because of them, I didn’t face many difficulties throughout the journeyIt was hectic but working together made everything seem like a piece of cake. The team had people who were filled with enthusiasm and energy so that kept me going as well.

7. What are the new things that you’ve learned from your journey?

Sushil :  Logistics helped me improve my communication skills and organization skills. It taught me to work under pressure and to bring the best out of waste. I came across situations that I have never faced before and learned how to deal with them. It taught me how to be patient because it was very important to not lose your calm while working in difficult situations. In short, it brought the best out of me.

Sanal : This journey taught me that hard work really pays off and it actually did. I did learn managerial skills, being patient, keeping my mind calm even in tough situations, and so much more that I will take ahead in my life. This journey taught me that when you give your 100% and perform the best, you see the results turn out to be amazing and you experience a different level of satisfaction.

Hardik : This journey taught me about time management, how to work in a team and it also helped me develop organizational skills and people skills. Alegria pulled me out of my comfort zone and it made me more confident. Alegria gave me a stage to showcase my talent and I learned a lot of things that I will never forget.

Hardik Agarwal

8. One thing that you will definitely miss?

Sanal : – College life is monotonous and Alegria comes like a mini-vacation, breaking the chain! During this terrific event, every single day we used to gather in the logistics room and work there. It became a routine to spend most of our time there. That’s the one thing I will miss.

Hardik :  Alegria is emotion itself. The day used to start and end in the admin cell itself like it was my second home. Cracking up jokes now and then to loosen the tension in the air while working, the bond with the teammates and everything we did during Alegria will remain in our hearts till eternity!

9. After working, sharing happiness and facing downfalls together, how hard was it to bid goodbye to your fellow team members?

Sushil : – The toughest part in Alegria wasn’t about meeting deadlines or working stressfully, it was the time when we had to bid adieu to the people that we had wonderful moments with. It takes around 21 days to make something a habit, but here we were working for several months! The bond that we created was very strong but the goodbye at the end was sorrowful!

Sanal : – Goodbyes are never easy. The last day of Alegria was very special. It was fun, and more than that it was very emotional. During the final moments of the festival, all the months we all had worked together, flashed in front of our eyes as a beautiful memory! It has a very special place in my heart.

Hardik :  – It was a tough thing to do. Who would like to say goodbye to the people with whom we had shared such special moments? At the end of the festival, it felt like it all ended in a flash of time. Alegria was not only about working, it was also about the friendships that were made which we will admire for life!

10. How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Sanal : – Alegria is like a ladder, it goes up a rung as every year passes by. Alegria brings out new artists, new talents, and new acts that are not repetitive. It keeps us surprised as always. So, I know that Alegria 2021 will be even more exciting! Hoping Alegria 2021 will be a great success. 

Hardik : – Alegria is one of the best experiences one can ever have in their college life. So, without any doubt, it will be bigger and better in 2021 as well. Like every year Alegria never fails to amaze me as it is climbing up the ladder of fun and enjoyment. Each year Alegria has lived up to its name, that is, the festival of joy! Overall, I know it will be a grand experience!

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