The creative thinkers of the Graphics committee of Alegria 2020, featuring Romax Rajeev from PCE and Sanoj Nair from PCACS were the driving force for shaping Alegria – The Festival of Joy, conceptualizing every aesthetic detail into extraordinary graphics. The Graphics committee certainly has an intriguing story to share the experience of their journey!

  1. How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Romax :- This was my second year in Alegria. When I first joined the Graphics Team, I wasn’t aware of Photoshop or Illustrator. I just made some random posters in Corel draw which was also for the first time. Since then, I kept learning from my team, and it all helped for Alegria 2020. Reminiscing the late night works with Graphics and E-Publicity and random song jams in the last cabin.

Sanoj :- I started as a graphics team member in Alegria 2019, but even before that I had great curiosity in how this fest works, especially the Graphics team. My mentor was Ayesha Chikte, who was the graphics head then. This fest has changed me as a person at multiple levels. I am much more evolved, confident and am better at what I do than I was before I joined the committee. And Alegria 2020 was special in a way because this was my first time handling a team of designers. But having observed how my seniors managed it, it was pretty effortless.

2. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the theme?

Sanoj :- So I was among the first few who got to know the theme because I had to make the theme reveal poster. From the moment I got to know it, I knew there was a high scope of what we could do with it, but at the same time, I was certain there would be some difficulty concentrating on a niche as the theme could be interpreted in different ways, which was not the case last year. But now in hindsight, I think we did a good job as a team in bringing out the best of what we could with the theme.

Romax :- Not only me, but the entire graphics team would also agree – “Iske elements kya hai, kidar se milenge”. Well, it was a task to list out the elements which would actually represent “Dreamland”.

Romax Rajeev

3. What are some of the best experiences while working with the team?

Romax :- First of all, I’m proud of my team Sanoj, Nikhil, Sudhanshu, Harshad, Aniket and Jidnesh. They’re the finest I’ve seen in the field and worked with. Best experiences include playing different genres of songs (including Lollipop and Bella Ciao) and jamming in the last cabin, along with the work given to us. Also, no one can forget the day Graphics and E-Pub went on a tour to stick the QR codes.

Sanoj :- Alegria for me has always been about getting to know individuals from different backgrounds, all of them being best at what they do which is why they are a part of the respective committees. This year too, I got to make some great friends for life. From late-night college tours to music jamming sessions, with these guys is something I will never forget.

4. Being in the graphics team there might be a lot of designs going simultaneously, how did you handle the deadline pressure?

Sanoj :- Having worked last year, I knew what pressure we would be facing, so we had already decided to divide the work among ourselves based on who is good at what. For instance, if there was some illustration work that had to be done, we had an Illustrator in our team who was assigned the same, and likewise. This way, not only could we meet the deadlines, but also produce the best possible outputs within the given time frame.

Romax :- Yes, there used to be a lot of work, but since there was an excellent team, it didn’t feel much hectic. Heads dropping in to check their event posters, category posters, brochures and also to snoop on which is the next celebrity on the list. The work would carry on till late night. Since we used to divide the work, deadlines were never an issue.

5. Some of your favorite designs from Alegria 2020?

Sanoj :- My favorite would be the brochure cover I designed, I think, in a way it set the mood as well as the Atrium stage backdrop that Aniket Khariwale and I had created.

The event brochure cover by Sanoj

Romax :- My first favorite would be the Unveiling Banner for Alegria 2020. It was a mesmerizing moment when you see your 40 feet long design unfurl to the excitement of all. The second one would be the release poster for Armaan Malik, which unfortunately, never got released!

Romax Rajeev with his design printed on 40 feet banner

6. How did it feel when you see your posters being used in Alegria everywhere?

Sanoj :- It’s overwhelming to see such a massive response to something you created. Especially the artist posters, it feels wonderful to know there are hundreds out there waiting to see something what you are creating, and what’s more gratifying than that for a creator?

Romax :- This is one of the moments that inspire designers to give in their best. When you see people sharing and appreciating your design, it feels really good.

7. What are the new things that you learned in this whole journey?

Romax :- To be honest, my interest in Graphic Design and new trends sprang up and flourished during Alegria. From being a bad designer, to be able to understand good design and how to apply those principles, all came from Alegria along the way. Also, how to work long hours without getting bored.

Sanoj :- There are tons of things that I learned in the technical aspect, like getting acquainted with different software and stuff, but more than that I learned how to socialize, deal with people coming from different backgrounds, work as a team, to enjoy what you doing and to make all those efforts count.

Graphics and E-Publicity team with DJ Shaan

8. How did it feel when your poster design gets rejected?

Sanoj :- I think every designer deals with rejections and it’s quite common in that way. In this case, we all knew what we were doing and if someone rejected we were confident enough to make them understand our vision behind it. Of course, the constructive criticism was always something we looked forward to. Franav sir’s opinion mattered the most to the team. We took it in our stride and saw it as an opportunity to maximize our potential and deliver the best results.

Romax :- Rejection is a part of the design process, it gives you room to introspect and understand what can be done in a better way. We never faced many rejections, but constructive suggestions from Franav sir helped a lot in improving the designs.

9. How was it working under the guidance of Franav Sir?

Sanoj :- Honestly, one of the most enthusiastic and supportive mentors you’ll ever come across, Franav Sir brought out the best in us. From frequent visits to our cabins to giving us adequate creative freedom but at the same time helping us reckon our shortcomings and work on them, we owe him a lot. During the fest, as we used to miss out from attending the day events, he made sure we attended the concerts and enjoyed ourselves after all the hard work.

Romax :- One of the coolest mentors you’d ever see. He would remain in the cabin with us, have a nice chat, listen to our random jams and also give feedback on the designs, and he also used to make sure that we get a chance to click pictures with the celebrities.

Sanoj Nair

 10. How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Romax :- This years’ theme sounds cool and I hope it will be a bigger success than Alegria 2020. I wish my boys would make the last cabin proud!  I would miss all the hustle and bustle in the admission cell, during Flash mob and during concerts!

Sanoj :- Well, it’s going to be challenging, it’s going to be different, but also unique in a way, I believe. It’ll be an entirely new experience for all of us. We’ll learn a lot of things in the process. It’s true that most of the things we love about Alegria will be missing this year, but we will try to make the best of the situation in every way. I am curious to see how it turns out!

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