The marketing team is the one who builds sponsor relationships and represents Alegria everywhere it goes. The proactive contribution of the marketing committee featuring Vaishakh Sajeevan from PCE, Sanjana Menon and Sujeet Pawar from PCACS, along with Boney Solanki and Prathmesh Kuyeskar from PIMSR involved a significant experience of challenges and accomplishments throughout the journey!

  1. How was your experience working for Alegria 2020?

Sanjana: Working for Alegria had always been a dream and it was truly an amazing experience. I learnt a lot of new things during the whole journey from auditioning for the marketing team, to getting selected as a member and then leading the team altogether. It is an experience that will always remain very special to me.

Vaishakh: Working for the most joyful and energetic fest Alegria is an experience which words can’t describe. One should be a part of this incredible experience filled with the energy and excitement indescribable. The fun and happiness I experienced in Alegria can’t be compared to any other festival I have ever attended.

2. How was your experience working along with your faculty mentor?

Boney: Alegria cannot be managed without the support of faculty members.  Tanvi ma’am, Ashish sir & especially Franav sir guided and supported us in each & every situation. They have been as proactive as us throughout the journey.

Sanjana: Tanvi ma’am is literally the sweetest and kindest person to work with and I enjoyed every little bit of it. She always supported and encouraged me and my team to do better every single day.

Sanjana Menon

3. What were the challenges you faced during your journey?

Vaishakh: I came across quite a few challenges as being a fresher I was not having any prior experience in marketing. I just had the knowledge and the confidence given by mentors Ankush Bari and Pranjal Prithish. They showed faith and confidence in me that I would be able to manage things properly. Cold calling and attending meetings seemed to be a challenge in the initial days but proper planning and rehearsals with my team and with the guidance from the mentors’ things started getting smoother with time.

Sanjana: I would not call them challenges but a great learning experience that I have gained for my life. Yes, there were a few inconveniences in handling the whole team and making sure everything is going perfect but otherwise, I had the best time.

4. Who was our biggest sponsor for Alegria 2020 and who bought it?

Boney: One of our biggest sponsors was ART WTR and Spartan nutrition. The sponsors were brought not by one individual but by the whole team. Every member of my team gave in their sincere efforts into attracting all sponsors. It is a result of teamwork. 

Vaishakh: Our teams’ biggest sponsor was House of Momo’s; the deal was brought by me and my associate Vishnu Nair.

Marketing team 2020 with Franav Sir

5. How did you handle the work pressure and deadlines?

Boney: If you have a great team, every deadline could be met. It takes a lot of hard work to make Alegria successful. Hence, my team tried their best to complete the work before the deadline. Since Alegria is one of the biggest college festivals in India, we are constantly under a little pressure to make the event a success.

Vaishakh: Time management and hard work along with proper planning were the quintessential details to focus on in order for the event to be a success.

6. According to your experience which partners were easier to communicate with?

Sanjana: Every sponsor has their own way to be dealt with and we had new experiences with every single one but the food partners were a little easier to communicate with.

Boney: Every partner was easy to communicate with, as we had a good and healthy relationship with each & every partner.

Prathamesh Kuyeskar and Boney Solanki

7. What new things did you learn in your entire journey?

Sanjana: One of the most important things that I learned was to always be patient and calm and never be in a hurry to get things done. Another important thing was to understand that every member of the team is different and the way to handle them and get the work done from the team will also be different.

Vaishakh: Cold calling and deal-making were the most important new things I learned among the others throughout the journey.

8. How did you feel when you saw the posters of your sponsors being set up in the entire college?

Sanjana: I would say that it was one of the happiest moments that the whole team experienced. After working so hard to get each one of the sponsors and seeing their posters being set in college was a great feeling of achievement for us.

Boney: To be honest, it was the most wonderful moment in the entire journey of Alegria 2020. It was like seeing the wonderful result of my and my team’s hard work.

Vaishakh Sajeevan with Franav Sir

9. After working, sharing happiness and facing downfalls together, how hard was it to bid goodbye to your fellow team members?

Boney: It was tough to say goodbye to the amazing marketing team. All our team members had put in great hard work for Alegria, which we could not have been able to accomplish without the incredible team. As a head it is always difficult to say goodbye to your team which you guided, helped, had fun, and shared so many amazing experiences with.

Vaishakh: Bidding adieu to the fellow team members was an emotional moment for both me and my team. Also saying goodbye to the friends we made throughout was the hardest part.

10. How do you expect Alegria 2021 to be?

Sanjana: With the current situation, I feel extremely sorry about the experience that we used to have during Alegria will not be the same. However, I feel this situation itself is a challenge and Alegria, as usual, is going to be a great success.

Vaishakh: I expect it to be more energetic, creative and entertaining in every aspect though Alegria has always been one of the best college fests’ in India.

Vaishakh and his team with Franav Sir

11. What things will be different for your team as for Alegria 2021 will be conducted virtually?

Sanjana: The most challenging thing that the team faces will be not being able to meet and work together which can be a little difficult as the work gets done in an easier and better way when everyone is together. They will have to be very specific with the work and getting the sponsors for the events and I know that this team is going to be working really hard and will be the best as usual. I would like to wish each one of you all the very best for the fest.

Boney: As Alegria 2021 will be conducted virtually, for my team there will be entirely different challenges and expectations. They would have to choose a different marketing strategy as it is a virtual festival.

Vaishakh: Approaching the sponsors and giving them deliverables in a virtual manner by leveraging the technology will be a new experience for my team but I am sure my team will work hard past the challenges.

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